The first Lao Coffee Festival will be held in Pakse from October 24 to October 26 2014. It will be organised jointly by all stakeholders of the coffee sector in Lao PDR.

The First Lao Coffee Festival is the best opportunity for traders, researchers and consumers to 

  • get to know the unique features of Lao coffee
  • join a dialogue and exchange information on the coffee market
  • explore the Bolaven plateau – the main coffee growing region in Lao PDR

The programme includes an exhibition of Lao coffee products and seminars on the opportunities and challenges of the coffee business. Coffee tasting and field trips to production sites will be offered as well.

For information on the programme of the Lao Coffee Festival please click here.

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The organisation of the first Lao Coffee Festival was authorized with the approval no. 076 /ຫຄ-ສພຄon January 13, 2013 by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The organisation committee was appointed by the Champasak Province Governor with the agreement no. 686/ຈຂ.ຈສon April 02, 2014. The organisation is in accordance with the National Strategy for Promotion of Lao Coffee until 2025 that was approved by the Lao Prime Minister with article no. 190/ລບon June 09, 2014.