Production areas

Traditional production area: the Bolaven plateau

The Bolaven Plateau is the historical and main region of coffee production in Lao PDR. It benefits from favorable conditions leading to a specific quality of coffee. The three districts it covers (namely: Paksong in Champasak province, Thateng in Sekong province and Laongam in Saravan province) are producing more than 95% of all Lao coffee. Coffee plantations in the three districts of Paksong, Thateng and Laongam covered more than 70,000 ha. Thanks to foreign and national investments and to development assistance, and also driven by high coffee prices in the recent years, production on the Bolaven plateau has increased in the last few years with an extension to new surfaces as well as the renewal of old plantations.

Coffee is grown in other districts of Champasak, Saravane, Sekong, Attapeu, and Savannakhet as well. In these non-traditional production areas of Southern Laos not less than 15,000 ha of new plantations could be developed.

In Northern provinces initiatives of coffee plantation have been started as well. Smallholder plantations can be found in Phongsaly, Xieng Khouang, Luang Prabang, and Houaphan.


 Surface of coffee plantation per province (year 2011-2012).